Research & Business Development

Nepal Technology Innovation Center aims to serve as a research and business development (R&BD) platform of Nepal through relevant operational/support programs. The business development platform will incorporate all aspects for growing a business from a concept phase to a fully operational stage. The core of the project is to promote the integrated development of the community through the strengthening of R&BD capabilities. Focusing on the area of agriculture and rural development, alternative and renewable energy, and health-related livelihood the survey and need analysis will be conducted within KU where R&BD will announce and select at least 3 projects in the first year and those selected projects shall serve as flagship projects of KU. In the next year, R&BD will announce open calls for the …..

Meet Our R&BD Team

Dr. Kamal Chapagain
Program Lead
Ms. Sindhu Karki
Research Assistant

R&BD Nationwide Grantees

"Agriculture and Rural Development"
Mr. Rajesh Prakash Guragain

“Fabrication of Cold Plasma Reactor System and Application of Cold Plasma in Seed Treatment” 

Institution: Kathmandu University Plasma Labratory


Mr. Dipson Ojha

“Integrated Approach for Banana Fiber Production and its Commercialization”

Institution: Resha Innitiative


"Renewable and Alternative Energy"

Development and Piloting of Utility end Web Application Server and Mobile Application for Recharge Urja Meter (RUM)- Advanced Metering Service for Rural Offgrid Communities

Institution: Sustainable Solution for Energy and Environment      


Mr. Biraj Dhungana

Research, Development & Commercialization of Alternative Fuel from Non-Recyclables Plastic Waste to Lower Green House Gas Emission in Cement Industries and Economic Upliftment of Marginalized & Rural Community

Institution: Green Road Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.     


"Health Related Livelihood Sector"​

Machine Learning Based Cervical Screening Tool Development and Commercialization 

Institution: Institute of Implementation Science and Health    


Development of human health promoting fumigates from raw materials cultivated and available in rural areas for strengthening health security

Institution: Pancharatna Rakshoghna Dhoop Udyog      

R&BD KU Grantees

Dr. Bhim Prasad Kafle

“Production  preparation and pre-launch customer feedback on selective coating  based solar thermal collector made in Nepal”

Department: School of Science/ Chemical Science and Engineering

Desgination : Assistant  Professor

Dr. Bhupal Govinda Shrestha

“Isolation of Baccatin III, a precursor to Taxol, an anti-cancer drug, from Taxus plant found in Nepal”

Department: School of Science/ Biotechnology

Designation: Associate Professor



Dr. Dhurva Prasad Gauchan

“Low-Cost Mass Production Technologies for Virus Free Pre-Basic Seed Production of Potato”

Department: School of Science/ Biotechnology

Designation: Associate Professor



Dr. Daniel Tuladhar

“Development of  Electric tractor and Design Optimizations of Trailers in Context of Nepal”

Department: School of Engineering/ Mechanical

Degination: Professor

Dr. Hari Prasad Neupane

“Development of River Water Pump for improving the livelihood of rural  community

Department: School of Engineering/ Mechanical

Designation: Professor

Dr. Uttam Budathoki

“Production of xylanase for poultry feeding from a microbe by submerged fermentation and establishment of Nepal Microbial Type Culture Collection (NMTCC)”

Department: School of Science/Pharmacy

Designation : Associate Professor

Dr. Bivek Baral

“Development and Commercialization of Community-Scale  Spray Drying for Milk Processing

Department: School of Engineering/ Mechanical

Designation: Professor


Dr. Hitesh Kumar Bhattarai

“Development of Comprehensive Molecular Diagnostics for Diseases in Nepal”

Department: School of Science/ Biotechnology

Desgnation: Assistant Professor

Dr. Rajendra Gyawali

“The research based cosmeceutical product manufacturing and commercialization under the university-industry collaboration”

Department: School of Science/ Pharmacy

Designation: Associate Professor


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R&BD Activities and Document Lists