Message from the former Vice Chancellor-Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju

Message from the former Vice Chancellor- Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju

Kathmandu University has always believed that the real essence of Universities lies on the impact they can make in the wider community. The greatest test of our times is thus how we can connect our scholarly engagements to the everyday lives of the people. This endeavor of ‘Integrated Rural Development Project (IRDP) by Strengthening Research Capacity of Kathmandu University’ exemplifies our spirit. I firmly believe this is the first step of the thousand mile journey we are about to embark upon. This noble work is a culmination of what we have been doing since the foundation of our University – connecting deeply with the communities. I am glad we have not only preserved this value but have nurtured it with full dedication and commitment.

I am confident that this initiative will bring together people in academia, industry, policy-making bodies, and most importantly the communities in one forum to solve some of the most pressing problems bothering mankind. The borders between different disciplines, sectors and backgrounds slowly disappear when we assemble to answer the questions that are complex and require all to be together.

I thank KOICA, Kathmandu University family, our friends, collaborators, supporters and well-wishers from Nepal and abroad, I urge all to join us to play a part in this historic mission.