Alternative & Renewable Energy

Energy requirement is a must and essential requirement for Nepal Technology Innovation Center (NTIC) programs. Technology Innovation Support Program in the energy sector laid by NTIC is one of the better realized options through alternative and renewable energy implementation programs. Energy sector growth and improvement not only entails powering and meeting people’s energy requirements but also improves living standards by raising economic activities and the portfolio of the area and people. The main goal of this sector implementation plan is to identify research needs and enable Research and Development (R&D) for innovative and integrated renewable energy solutions as well as promote sound policy making in R&D of Renewable Energy.

Furthermore, NTIC aims to enable innovation and technology transfer in the broad arena of renewable energy by connecting research and industry through development of projects. The strategic goal of this technology innovation support program is to supply and maintain stable power for commercialization whereas its other specific goals are Development and localization of an independent energy production system and development of energy production, storage, and diffusion stabilization.

NTIC has identified the following areas as its research areas for A&RE:

  • Household Biogas
  • Large Scale Biogas
  • Biomass Energy
  • Micro & Small Hydropower
  • Solar Energy
  • Energy Usage Improvement