School Based Enterprise

A self-profit creation model is required for NTIC to be sustainable. KU (Dhulikhel hospital) is already producing and selling some products (cosmetics, mineral water, etc.), however, it needs to scale up at the same time. KU students’ education/ industrial excursions would improve operational capacity. School-based enterprises can be an effective model which can create profits a…..

Meet the Team

Grantees of School Based Enterprise

Mr. Anup Luitel

Project Title: “Capacity Building and Scale up with glass bottle of Kathmandu univeristy AKUA bottling unit.”

Department: Kathmandu University, Central Office

Thematic Area: Health Related Livelihood

Dr. Sangita Shakya

Project Title: “Formulation & Production of Probiotic as well as Avacado Enriched Ice-cream for Health”


Department: Department of Biotechnology

Thematic Area: Agriculture & Rural Development

Dr.Biraj Singh Thapa

Project Title: “Gas Production Eterprise for utilization in Cooking sector, within an  application area of Alternative and Renewable Energy”

Department: Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Thematic Area: Alternative & Renewable Energy



School Based Enterprise (SBE) contract signing ceremony on 20 May, 2022

Kathmandu University- Integrated Rural Development Programme/Nepal Technology Innovation Center (IRDP/NTIC) successfully conducted………….

Consultation Meeting with School Based Enterprise grantees on 29th April, 2022.

athmandu University- Integrated Rural Development Program/ Nepal Technology Innovation Center (KU-IRDP/NTIC) successfully conducted Consu…..

Congratulation to the Grantees of School Based Enterprise

KU-IRDP/NTIC School Based Enterprise Program Selection Notice of march 4th 2022