Our Valuable Team Members

Mr. Dipesh Karki

Assistant Professor, KUSUM
Program Lead, School Based Enterprise

Er. Sudeep Homagain

Research Assistant, School Based Enterprise

Sudeep Homagain is a  graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Kathmandu University (KU). He is working as a Research Assistant (RA) in Integrated Rural Development Project (IRDP)/Nepal Technology Innovation Center (NTIC) with KU and KOICA. He is involved in one of the pilot projects of IRDP titled “Evidence-based planning for the areas of Nepal Technology Innovation Center (NTIC) engagement in the three sectors: Agriculture &; Rural Development, Public Health Related Livelihood and Alternative &; Renewable Energy in Nepal (IRDP-ARPA)”. His work responsibilities include developing and setting up research, reports and administrations work. He has done research in Energy sector (Biomass) as a part of  undergraduate thesis titled “Upgrading the Performance of Artificial Draft Phillip’s HD 4012 Cooking Stove Through Local Available Resources in Nepal”.