Health Related Livelihood

Livelihood stands out for securing the necessities of life. It is a vital part of our work and interest to achieve holistic solutions to health related problems in the communities.  In all places, a community’s livelihood, food and health are tightly interconnected. We work closely with the people and communities to improve livelihoods in a number of different ways:

  • Generating evidence through research and understanding of real health needs of the communities.
  • Introduction of innovations and technologies to improve socio-economic standards of rural areas.
  • Launching targeted interventions and programs adhering national policies and WHO guidelines.
  • Share benefits: global, national, regional and local level.
  • Affordable, accessible, efficient and sustainable healthcare practices.

Kathmandu University has gained a popularity and brand with the work of Dhulikhel Hospital as a community hospital and it’s 18 outreach centers.  This lays a big and strong foundation for NTIC and health related programs along with the support programs to stand out strongly from any other service provider, use and carry better works and services in the public health sector.  NTIC will work in the community as an institution for change among the people with the close collaboration and support of experts, scientists, government and partner organization.