Research and Business Development Support — 2

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Research and Business Development

Duration: 2021-2023

Budget:  530,261 USD

Nepal Technology Innovation Center aims to serve as a research and business development (R&BD) platform of Nepal through relevant operational/support programs. The business development platform will incorporate all aspects for growing a business from a concept phase to a fully operational stage. The core of the project is to promote the integrated development of the community through the strengthening of R&BD capabilities. Focusing on the area of agriculture and rural development, alternative and renewable energy, and health-related livelihood the survey and need analysis will be conducted within KU where R&BD will announce and select at least 3 projects in the first year and those selected projects shall serve as flagship projects of KU. In the next year, R&BD will announce open calls for the projects within the three thematic sectors (agricultural and rural development, renewable energy, and health-related livelihood). It will be open to business people, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and other innovation centers. These projects will be selected and supported technically in such a way that they can be molded into a business through the startup and incubation program of NTIC. Similarly, R&BD will support other functional areas as per their need during the project duration.

Moreover, R&BD will support the commercialization of projects as well as it will also help to generate revenue to sustain NTIC. The revenue might be generated from royalties, consultation fees during various project stages, and resource facilitation, such as well-equipped working space.

The major objectives of the program are following:

  • To support R&BD in the three identified thematic areas (Agriculture, Renewable and Health-related livelihood) and other possible areas through centrally run laboratories and rural research and development programs.
  • To serve as a research and development platform of Nepal through relevant operational/support programs.
  • To examine the feasibility of projects from the initial stage, conduct research in stages.
  • Establish and adjust the direction at each stage to enable commercialization. (As the main scope will be research and development activities that can directly contribute to commercial purposes and commercialization of the private sector to differentiate it from the various research institutes that carry out the basic research field).

Expected Outcomes

  • Promotion of integrated development of the community through the strengthening of R&D capabilities
  • Development of R&BD planning and selection criteria for R&BD support.
  • Examine the feasibility of each project from the initial stages, conduct researches and establish research directions for commercialization.
  • Evaluation plan (interim and final) for at least 6 R&BD projects (3 from KU and 3 from outside)
  • Revenue generation through royalties, consultation, and resource facilitation.
  • Enhance human resources capacity and research facilities

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