Education and Training

Duration: 2021- 2023

Budget: USD 41,739

Education and training aim to provide short, certified courses in the field of technology management, entrepreneurship development, and fostering innovation. The program is mainly targeted for entrepreneurs, researchers, and the individual public having prior engagement in the technology field to educate and train them as an analyst of the technological market (either as a scientist or consultant) and as a business manager in highly competitive technology-driven sectors.

The major focus of the course will be mainly on the followings:

  • To understand and assess the range, scope, and complexity of business and relate it to technology management;
  • To understand the framework for Acquisition, Forecasting, Adoption, Diffusion, and Absorption of Technology;
  • To be able to set the technology strategy to stay ahead in the competitive world;
  • To understand the process of Generation, Development, Selection, Implementation, Assignment of technologies;
  • To understand the value and process of technology transfer;
  • To understand the concept of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship skill using technology;
  • To understand and make broad knowledge of managing technology-based business and technology-based innovation;
  • To understand issues in Technology Management;

The modular course is expected to have a 5-6 weeks duration with at least 25 students at a time and will be implemented 4 times over the project period. A relevant fee structure will be decided by NTIC by consulting with education expertise and following standard protocols in compliance with RDI, KU. Moving forward, these courses will be provided as stand-alone courses dedicated to the general public, entrepreneurs, and firms. After analyzing the success rate of these programs, NTIC will then move forward with the possibility of embedding them as credited courses in university programs for graduate students and also explore the possibility of providing masters and Ph.D. programs.

Expected outcomes

  • Three modular courses implemented by the end of the year 2021.
  • Students of the MoT course will have a better understanding and chance of employment in research institutions/new business development/technology innovation/ technology transfer/technology commercialization.
  • Educational programs related to MoT and entrepreneurship for local entrepreneurs provided, as a means of increasing their technology management skills.