Application call of the School Based Enterprise (SBE) Background


School Based Enterprise (SBE) is one of the major functional areas to plan, support, and develop the existing small enterprise in Kathmandu University (KU). A self-creation model is required for NTIC to be sustainable. KU students’ education/ industrial excursions would improve operational capacity. School-based enterprises can be an effective model which can create profits and offer an educational venue for its professors and students. SBE is a system that meets both objectives of offering space for students on site training and securing school financial sustainability by allowing universities to establish profit generating enterprises.


Objectives of the SBE

        To contribute to the financial sustainability of NTIC

        To enhance KU brand image

        To provide the opportunity of participation in R&D for KU faculty and students

        Revenue creation and enhance industry-friendly education

        To offer on-site training for KU students and to strengthen the capability of startups

Total Supporting Fund and Period of Program



Total Support Fund

NRS. 10,000,000

Support Period

2022.04 ~ 2023.06 (14 months)

Maximum Support Fund

Up to NRS. 5,000,000 per project


Eligible Types of Projects

1. Agriculture and Rural Development

2. Alternative and Renewable Energy

3. Health-Related Livelihood Sector

4. Rural Natural Resource Management

5. Rural Economy Uplifting Projects

6. Other Projects Related to the Rural Development


Application Processes

The period of application and place of submission are as follows:


Period and Method

Call for application

Announcement on the Kathmandu University website and KU-IRDP/NTIC website. March 4 to April 4, 2022.

Application form and relevant templates

Available at the website KU-IRDP/NTIC (for download) March 7 to April 4, 2022

Submission of the project proposal and required documents

Drop hard copy at KU-IRDP/NTIC at KU or Send electronic copy via email at on March 10 to April 4, 2022


Please click here for all the relevant documents related to SBE application call:

1.      SBE Application call Notice

2.      Guidelines for Accounting and  Budgeting for  SBE Application Call

3.      Management and Operation Guidelines for SBE Application Call

4.      Project Proposal Form for SBE Application Call

5.      Project Participation Agreement Form

       6.   Operation Plan SBE

       7.   Proposal Evaluation Criteria for SBE application call

       8. Budget Sheet