Testing and Accreditation Services

Duration: 2021-2023

Budget: USD 43,226

The testing and accreditation unit at NTIC will serve as a supporting body for technology innovation in Nepal. There are rapidly increasing opportunities for product development, quality control, and quality assessment in Nepal but there is a lack of mechanisms such as quality control and assessment. NTIC will serve for designated quality control checks in the targeted areas. In the long run, NTIC will present itself as an international and self-operating center of testing and accreditation.

The Major focus of the program is:

  • Establishment of testing and accreditation operation system.
  • Obtaining approval certification, training of manpower, and expanding outside promotion.
  • Represent as an international and self-operating center of testing and accreditation.
  • Facilitate the creation of new enterprises with T&A services.
  • Consulting in process technology and the development of high performance, high value solutions according to forms filled by clients.
  • Raw materials identification and accreditation with the performance of tests with raw materials provided by the customer.
  • Development of machine configurations or processing methods for new products through standard T&A system.
  • Protocols development through T&A facilities of NTIC.
  • Integrate R&D, design know-how in the process for testing and accrediting from process to production chain.
  • Support the interaction between emerging designers, researchers, policy, training and research centers with better T&A management and update.

Expected Outcomes

  • International center of testing and accreditation
  • Self-Operating center of testing and accreditation.
  • Short term and long term profit creation model based on T&A facility in NTIC


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