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Agriculture & Rural Development

Agricultural and rural development is a major backbone for transformation and development of Nepal as it inextricably links with Nepal’s economy. For developing countries like Nepal, the majority of people living in rural areas gain half or full part of their livelihood from agriculture and associated work. Eighty percent of the country’s population lives in rural areas, and agriculture is their primary livelihood. While the share of agriculture in total gross domestic product (GDP) has been declining over the years, it still accounts for one-third of GDP. However, stagnation in the agriculture sector is one reason behind rural poverty and inability to meet food security. A&RD is a core sector driver for development of countries like Nepal and requires utmost reform. Nepal Technology Innovation Center (NTIC) serves in A&RD sector and considers it as one of the major areas in formulating technology innovation support programs.

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NTIC aims to create and scale up technologies that contribute to food security, poverty reduction, value addition, export promotion, environmental sustainability and cost effectiveness through the generation and promotion of technology, knowledge, and information that respond to current need and demand. So as to achieve these results, NTIC has identified the following areas as its research areas for A&RD:

  • Crops cultivation
  • Dairy production and processing
  • Plant breeding and genetic engineering
  • Herbal processing (Cosmetics, Health supplement, etc.)
  • Pesticides and fertilizers